Hello and welcome to Never Boring With You, a tribute to the relationship of Chikage Kazama & Chizuru Yukimura from the video game series Hakuouki by IDEA FACTORY. The protagnist with the villain (or hero, depending on route) in a visual novel dating sim. You bet it's going to be a fun read since these two are pretty much like that married couple that you know, comedy duo or not, these two are just so fun and adorable together I don't even know where to begin. But you do! Check out the navigation up top! The title "Never Boring With You" leads you back to this page and if you hover over that plus the rest, you'll find out where they'll take you.

This site was created for the Amassment's Blast From the Past Challenge.

This site has many unmarked spoilers. You have been warned!

Before you continue on, however, this shrine will be focused on the games rather than the anime adaptations. The games are the original source and have the possibilites of any man becoming Chizuru's. If you have no idea about this game and don't wish to be spoiled, go back now~.