Just how in the heck would these two get so close to blossom a romantic relationship? Well, you're in luck since I've wrote the keypoints of Chikage's route, as well as the extras included in the Stories of the Shinsengumi game, that gave an even greater insight.

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At first, you would think "Pfft, yeah sure, he's just interested in her for her bloodline." Well, to start out, while we're not entirely sure his real reason to create a powerful oni with Chizuru, he has had so many chances to take her if he only wanted that for selfish reasons. Now, he has stated that he greatly enjoys the thought of shaming the Shinsengumi by showing that their ways of fighting is ridiculous, but does that sound like someone who solely wants a powerful oni child to you? If you think otherwise, then think about it some more since while he can seem villainess at first, he's an oni with honor. How so? Well, oni/demons are often pictured as savages in the culture of humans generally. They're viewed as monsters that knows no boundaries or have common sense, just feed and kill, causing mayhem.

It's true he wants her for a powerful oni child and yet, he tells her that oni are honorable by waiting until they are mated/wedded before having sex. Chizuru is shocked and, well, who wouldn't be since his behavior from before, and how he keeps teasing her and grabbing her, led her to believe that he didn't care for that. That's when she realizes he's not at all that bad as he led her, and the Shinsengumi, to believe. It too also made me realize that he can't be so bad. True, he's seen as a crazy lunatic in one of the routes, or just plain brutal, the two tying into him becoming very angry since he's had enough of stupidity of humans that keep taking the drug known as Water of Life that enhances their abilities almost like a oni, but as a price, their life gets shorter each time they use it and they have to drink blood or face the immense pain and hunger.


Sen appears when Chizuru is with Souji and his group that are patrolling the streets. She takes Chizuru to a dango shop and while eating, she asks Chizuru if she wishes to go with her to Shimabara since Chizuru's father (Koudou) might have been there. Shimabara is like a bar where you are entertained by geisha. Chizuru goes back to the Shinsengumi and brings it up. Many are against it, but Souji [of course], finds it fascinating and goes "why not". Either way, it's up for the player to decide to go or not.

Now at Shimabara with Sen and her faithful servant, Kimigiku, Chizuru is immediately transformed into a geisha before showing the Shinsengumi who are practically in shock. Some even complimenting her! The real reason they are there is brought to light is because they heard rumors that spies against the shogun were using Shimabara as a meeting place. Since Chizuru wants to find her father, she wants to go and find out herself. Nothing could go wrong...right? Well it does surprisingly and Chizuru has gathered some great information that could help out the Shinsengumi. Enough to report it and when the player chooses that option, she writes a letter to Hijikata and he responds with "I will arrive at the Sumi shortly posing as a customer. Wait for me.".

The door opens and she, on auto-pilot, asks if it was Hijikata only to be met with a certain deep voice of an oni that replies with "Who have you confused me with?" Lo and behold, it is Chikage Kazama and, of course, she freaks out. More so when he asks "You said the name 'Hijikata.' Were you referring to the commander of the Shinsengumi?" Chizuru makes a very awful lie saying no by mistaking him for someone else with the name. Chikage explains why he's here to get away from the room of warriors that he described as "scum" and commands her to give him sake to wash the foul taste from his mouth when he was drinking with the warriors before. Chizuru is not sure what to do but she has a choice to flee or get information. When chosen to stay, she lies to herself that her disguise was perfect since it did fool the Shinsengumi captains.

Chizuru orders one of the apprentices out in the hallway to fetch a small table and sake. When she turns back to Chikage, she realizes he's been staring at her. He points out how her way of talking isn't the same of how the geishas in Shimabara and questions her origins since her dialect doesn't match the district the bar is in. Still, Chikage points out that to be good enough to be called for in Sumi, they have to be an apprentice at a geisha house since childhood. Chizuru of course freaks out and lies about how her memory is fleeting and her thoughts often escape. Oh Chizuru. Of course, he doesn't buy it and smirks while asking "You forgot something you've known for years?" Finally, he reveals that he knew it was her all along and makes a very good guess why she's in Shumi. Chizuru couldn't believe that he recognized her and asked him if he really did. Chikage, amused with a smug grin, tells her "You thought I wouldn't recognize you?" She tells him that if he knew, why did he wait so long to speak up about it. His response is the greatest: "I was enjoying our conversation. We are usually rudely interrupted." matched with an amused smile.

Chizuru gets bold and asks him what exactly the warriors he was with were planning. The sake and table finally arrives and once again Chikage tells her that for him to give information, she has to do something for him and demands he pour her sake but Chizuru wants information and refuses to do until she is given it. He points to her that she is a geisha and geishas should follow the commands of their customers. Chizuru, however, explains to him that geisha aren't prostitutes and they don't have to obey a command they don't like, even if it's from a customer. Chikage is shocked with his eyes wide. Chizuru expects for him to be angry, but he just smiles before telling her she has a point. "I'm impressed. I never expected to find someone foolish enough to talk back to me. I'd hazard a guess that you are the only one who could," is what he explains to her in a pleased and amused tone. He hears the warriors and finally tells her the information needed. After she hears the plans, Chizuru asks Chikage if there is a way to stop them somehow. However, he reminds her of their bargain and she let's out an "oh!" before pouring the sake in his cup.

Chikage stares at her face the entire time she pours sake, to which makes her inquire if there's anything on it. Suddenly, Her chin is taken gently yet firmly cupped and he gets so close, that she can see the intense heat in his eyes. He boasts about he didn't make a mistake and his taste was perfect and tells her "With your looks, you would be fit to be my wife. Now I want you even more." Chizuru gets flustered and finds that she couldn't push him away with the sake bottle in her hand. All she can do is avert her eyes from his and tells him that she's not his wife and how he can't make decisions for her. He teases her anyway with "You should be honored. I am willingly offering compliments. I don't do that for just anyone. Wearing women's clothing suits you, as I thought." which only makes her even more flustered and confused until she finally points out that she can't pour him sake with him holding her like that. Chikage searches her face and let's her chin go, to which Chizuru thinks it's because he heard the desperate tone in her words. Relieved, she takes a deep breath and serves him another cup of sake as he waits patiently.

She asks him to take care of the warriors somehow to which Chikage can't help but tease her with "I should obey your orders just because you served me some inconsequential sake? I seem to recall that's not a geisha's only job.". Of course, Chizuru gets flustered and points out that what wasn't what he said earlier and soon realizes a deep rumble. It's Chikage laughing, and it surprises her. He remarks her action with "I was simply teasing. You flare up too quickly." Chizuru gets hopeful and he tells her that to allow the warriors to kill Shinsengumi is annoying and he will take care of it personally. She can't believe it and he tells her "...A oni never breaks a promise he has made." Then, he adds, "Enough of that. Do you have any intention of coming away from here with me tonight? Dressed like that of course." which makes her respond flared up like before and points out to him that she isn't allowed to leave Shima dressed like a geisha and how they are forbidden to go outside the city. But it just rolls off of Chikage and he tells her that she will become his eventually with the addition that he's quite satisfied of getting glimpse of what he will have in the near future. Chizuru is too shocked to say anything but Chikage just orders her to give him more sake since his cup is empty.

A few days later, the news of the warriors in Shumi mentioned by Chikage suddenly, and silently, disappeared nearly every day. After her undercover work is done, Chikage makes an appearance and he notes how boring she looks with her back in boy clothing. However, he admits that he'll savior the memory of her dressed in a kimono until the moment he takes her as his bride. Even with that statement, he turns his back to her and begins to walk away and she calls after him to wait. She asks him if he was the one who stopped the warriors but isn't sure if she's right even though he said he would. He gets a bit irritated by repeating himself that oni never break a promise once given. She thanks him, telling him he was a big help. Then, he asks a question out of no where of why is he being thanked to since they're enemies because she's still with the Shinsengumi, the opposed side of his. She admits that he's right but it would be foolish to disregard what he did was really helpful. Chikage is puzzled and stares at her for a few moments before telling her, with a grin, "There is no need [to be thankful]. You may pay me back with interest on the day we are married." He really cannot resist teasing her. As usual, she gets flustered and tells him that it will never happen but he just tells her "We will meet again." with a chuckle before strolling away. Chizuru watches him for a bit before getting a feeling that she has now owed a favor to someone she shouldn't.


This is from Stories of the Shinsengumi and it's a new sub story/DLC called "A Festive Night" that you have to buy.

There is a celebration going on for the spirits and Chizuru has the choice to go or not. When you begin, you have a choice to answer if you played "I, Geisha" before. Choosing yes will add a bonus at the end with Chikage. After it starts, the real fun begins when Kondou and the others giving Chizuru a kimono and a matching sash for a present. It's the last day of the festival and they want her to have fun. Accepting their offer, she goes with them and changes into her present in the tea shop. However, an argument forms and when choosing the suggestion of going back, Chizuru has to go back to the tea shop to change. Since there's so many people and places, she gets lost and in doing so, runs into Saito and Heisuke. While she does know them, she is not allowed to talk to them. She is given the choice to follow either one of them or go to the tea shop. She has to go to the tea shop and not follow them since Chikage will not appear if she does.

Chizuru backtracks but she keeps finding herself lost in the same corner she'd left moments ago and becomes irritated with herself and her horrible sense of direction. Until she hears a deep voice asking her what she is doing. Chizuru freezes up, recognizing it, before slowly, and nervously, turning to see who it is. Chikage tells her how he never expected to see her out in the city by herself. And how she's dressed in a kimono and teases her by asking if she has come around finally and decided to abandon the "peasants" known as Shinsengumi to claim her birthright. He really cannot resist. Chizuru realizes how bad the situation is [when really he won't do anything] and pretends that she doesn't know him. Amused, Chikage tells her that her acting couldn't even fool a child and knows exactly who she is. Chizuru whimpers, knowing that she can't wiggle out of it. Chikage asks what she is doing out by herself since he hadn't seen her "guard dogs". Chizuru has the option to be honest or run away. Being honest is what she has to do for his route. Chizuru admits that he would likely see through her lie clearly no matter what and how she needed only directions to the tea shop.

She tells him the truth of how she needs to go back home to the Shinsengumi but she has to go to the tea shop to change before doing so and admits how she got lost and the captains are waiting for her. Chikage couldn't be more amused than he is after hearing that and teases her again about the Shinsengumi about how they abandoned her along with "Well, I suppose I ought to thank them. I'll be able to steal you away with ease." Chizuru cowers and thinks she should have never told him the truth and should've just ran away the moment she saw him. Seeing her reaction, Chikage laughs and tells her he was kidding and there was no need to be so serious. As always, she can't believe he was teasing her and explains with "What's the point in plucking you up off the street when the Shinsengumi isn't here to see it? Taking you is only part of the fun. Besides, today is a sacred day. I'm not so crude that I'd violate that." Chizuru remains silent, most likely due to surprise and he asks her why she's just standing there for and reminds her about going to the tea shop to change. He offers to take her there, in his own way, by demanding her to come along with him. Chizuru, however, doesn't want to give him trouble, and a bit weary, and just wants him to give her directions of the tea shop to go there herself. Chikage reminds her about her horrible sense of direction to which she gets riled up about and he demands her to hurry up and follow. Or don't, since it makes no difference to him since she would be the one in trouble. Heh.

Not sure to follow him as she watches him walk away, Chizuru also notes that he did say he didn't have any ulterior move during the festival. Chizuru then thinks it might be safe to trust him for today and heads after him. He guides her back to the main street and that's when her sandal snap snaps off and sends her toppling forward. Chikage hears her and asks what's wrong with clear concern in his wide eyes. Chizuru tells him about her sandal now broken and he teases her about her looking for an excuse to hold his hand and compliments her of being very creative. Chizuru yells at him, denying that she would and why would she do that and how it really did break. Chikage just grins and tells her that she will be unable to walk without holding his hand and offers it to her to take. Stubbornly, Chizuru says she's fine and can walk on her own. Though, as she tried to walk, she just ended up toppling forward again. "Your stubbornness is admirable, if slightly precious, but you are only making things worse for yourself. I will make this offer once more. Take my hand." With another whimper, Chizuru realizes how he's right since being stubborn wouldn't do her any good. Reluctantly, she wraps her arm around his.

She can feel him laughing and asks him why he is in irritation. "Laughing? You must be mistaken. I'm quite serious." even though his smirk is clear as day to Chizuru. Flustered, she asks if the tea shop is further ahead and he confirms it by telling her that it'll only take them a few minutes to get there. "But while we're here... Why not take the long way?"

Chizuru gets flustered and riled up once more, asking why would they do that, only to be told [again] by Chikage that it was a joke and how she's very high-strung. Chizuru gets frustrated and let's out a "Rrrrgh" at him and tells herself to stop letting him push her buttons since it was maddening. With no one else to help her though, she had to let him- Chikage interrupts her thoughts by pointing out the fires on the mountain. She turns to look and sees them, remarking at how pretty the sight is with a sigh. Chikage tells her "They say the eeriest things are the most beautiful." with a smug grin. Chizuru is confused and he explains to her that "These fires are set to appease the souls of the dead, who are leaving the world of the living today. Humans seem almost obsessed with their mortality. I suppose this whole bizarre ritual must seem...comforting somehow." Chizuru remains silent since she hadn't expected him to regard the fire so seriously. He tells her how the Shinsengumi, and the ronin from the west, are both weak with their bodies - at least next to a demon's - and yet they seem almost anxious to die. Chizuru thinks about his words as she watches the fire and doesn't say anything.

They stand there a bit longer before Chikage guides her the rest of the way to the tea shop and she thanks him. Chikage tells her that there's no need to thank him. With the option of having played "I, Geisha", he brings up about the favor she owes him since he helped out the Shinsengumi. "I would be happy to allow you to repay that debt now, if you like–" Chizuru becomes flustered and alarmed and Chikage asks why, still with a smirk, and teases her with "Don't tell me you intended to simply forget what you owed, and I hope I would never call it in?" Chizuru admits that he is right since he did help her and that meant that she owed him one. Flustered still, she asks him how would she pay you back. "Hm... How indeed." She walked into that one. As if on cue, the two of them hear the captains of the Shinsengumi afar. "As usual, their timing leaves much to be desired. I suppose this is enough for one night. Until we meet again. Remember to tell them that I will be making you my wife one day." Before Chizuru tries to tell him off, Chikage already disappeared into the crowd.


As luck would have it, Chizuru becomes separated from the Shinsengumi due to an explosion and is trapped in the fire for a while before finding her way out. She can't find the group who she's been with that is pretty much her family and goes off to find them. Frantic, she didn't think to keep away on the roads and meets up with a soldier, but their attire isn't Western so she thinks she's safe. They alert their fellow soldiers and she realizes that they are traitors and panics while she's surrounded. She lectures them and they realize she is a girl and start to say some creepy crap of checking to see if she is.

Suddenly, a blade comes out of no where and kills some of them. Shocked, she looks up...and sees Chikage. He's silent, which urges the soldiers to yell before attacking while he calls them pests. With a lazy swing, they all meet their bloody deaths but Chizuru is freaked out. No, she has her hand on her kodachi, ready to sheath it to fight him. He just laughs at her and tells her that there is no need to be alert and relax since he's not there to take her away with him.


After he shows her that another army will betray the shogun, and pretty much tells her that the Shinsengumi will die, he teases her by saying he is leaving and can take her with him and Sen, an oni princess, interrupts him and orders him to get away from Chizuru. While Sen is threatening and mocking Chikage, Chizuru hears that Chikage will be traveling to Edo and wants to go since she knows the Shinsengumi will be there.

Suddenly, she asks Chikage a favor to come with her, which earns a comical scene of a shocked Chikage, Sen, and Amagiri who cannot believe that she just did that. Sen asks Chizuru if Chizuru is absolutely sure, but Chizuru has set her mind...and admits that from what she'd seen, Chikage wouldn't lie. After Chikage regains himself finally, he laughs, telling her how funny her request is and agrees. Sen requests Amagiri to go with them to make sure nothing happens to Chizuru.


Chizuru requests Chikage to take her to Edo since Kyoto is now in control of the new Imperial Army, which is quickly rising in numbers, and doesn't wish to stay there.

On their way to Edo, Chizuru begins to tire and Chikage insists that they stop. Amagiri tells them that there is a deserted house nearby. With a fire made, Amagiri leaves them and Chizuru freaks out since she's now alone. With Chikage. He notices and teases her if she wants him to attack her. She reponds with "ABSOLUTELY NOT!" which amuses him greatly and tell her that he's only kidding. Chikage then makes a fire, making Chizuru realize that he doesn't want her to get cold.

Soon, Chizuru asks about the demons and her family, finding out what happened and why she was the last one living. Finally she falls asleep after Chikage teasing her once more. In the morning, she realizes he hadn't slept much and asks why. Chikage for the first time doesn't say the entire truth of saying he wasn't tired and walks out of the house. Chizuru realizes then that he had stayed up to keep the fire burning and thinks he's really caring.


On arrival to Edo, Amagiri reports that he has to attend something business related and leaves the two alone. Chikage just waves him away, without any care. Chizuru preferred that Amagiri would stay and not leave her alone with Chikage but she admits that if Amagiri has business to attend to, then she couldn't stop him. Still feeling uncomfortable around Chikage, even though he was at ease, he led her all the way to Satsuma daimyo's residence to learn the whereabouts of the Shinsengumi. Chizuru isn't sure if he was interested in helping her or for his own reasons. When he turned to give her the news, his face was evidence that he hadn't expected to hear. He tells her that the Shinsengumi has headed to Koufu, which was meaningless. This means that the Shinsengumi left Osaka and came to Edo by sea, which was exactly what Chikage had predicted. Not just that, they changed their name to Kouyou Regulatory Company and had been sent away from Edo to keep the peace in the area surrounding Koufu Castle.

Chikage wonders outloud why they would go there when their shogun was running from the war by shutting himself inside a temple and that the Shinsengumi would be going to attack an opposing army of two, maybe three, thousand men and calls them idiotic. Chizuru tells them that they fight whether they win or lose and this makes Chikage angry and say that they're desperate. Instead of arguging, Chizuru decides to keep quiet and then gives her thanks for helping her get to Edo with a small bow. She tells him her plants to follow the Shinsengumi to Koufu castle, but Chikage just tells her to do what she wants and when she finds them, to tell them that he'll be coming to take her away eventually. It's a strange message and when Chizuru turns back to him, he's already gone into the crowd of people. With the thought of him perhaps being kinder than she'd realized, she finds her way back home to gather a few things to prepare herself with her trip to Koufu Castle.

She finds Kodo there. He seems like the father she knows at first until he tells her that he's researching furies with the drug, Water of Life, for the Imperial Army and how he's been ordered to set fire on Edo since it hasn't surrendered. Wondering why he would say such a thing, Chizuru then realizes her father has taken the Water of Life himself and is now a fury! He reaches out to her and tells her to join him, but she slaps his hand away. Chikage finally comes in and asks what is going on. Kodo is surprised before asking what he's doing here. Chikage gets impatient and orders Kodo to answer his question and also stating how he had thought the research of furries was supposed to be halted and why Kodo is continuing it. Then, he figures it out. Kodo only did it to gain power by using the research as a bargaining chip, and when confronted about it, Kodo freaks out and escapes by pushing Chizuru at Chikage. Chikage catches her as Kodo disappears out of sight. Chizuru thought he would just let her fall but he caught her with just one arm to stop her fall. Outside, they meet up with Amagiri who reveals that he was investigating the truth of a rumor about Kodo offering servies to the Imperial Army and how there were more troops being on their way.

This is when Chizuru finds out that her father isn't related to her by blood but is actually a lower ranking Yukimura clan member. She doesn't believe it at first but Chikage says that despite that, it's true. She gets depressed about how she was the only person that didn' tknow...again since they kept it from her. Still, she tells Chikage that even though that Kodo wasn't related to her by blood, he still raised her and he is still her father. Chikage just shrugs and tells her that even though she says that, Kodo has now gone on a dark path and as a demon, it's his duty to kill him. Chizuru realizes by his tone that no matter how much she would object, Chikage would still kill him one way or another. Then, she realizes something. There was no reason to be at her house and wonders that he could have been worried about her. She sneaks a glance his way and thinks that there is no way a demon so self-centered like him could even spare worry to someone else. Still, his behavior was a mystery...

Chizuru then gives up going to Koufu and decided to stay in Edo. Even though she wanted to meet up with the Shinsengumi again, she couldn't her allow her father to continue his plan on setting Edo on fire and he had to be stopped. It takes Chikage, Amagiri, and Chizuru an entire mouth to find her father's hiding location.

Chizuru tells Chikage that she wishes to go talk some sense to Kodo since, even though he isn't her real father, he was still there for her when growing up. Chikage lets her, but it's no use. He just won't listen and is too greedy. Chikage comes in, once more insulting Kodo for the invention of the Fury and it makes Kodo show Chikage that he has taken the drug himself to gain more power. He orders his Fury army to come and attack but no one comes. Amagiri steps in and says that he has killed all of them single handedly. Chikage tells Kodo that he's met his end to die for what he has done, but he looks at Chizuru to see what she has to say. Chizuru has to stop him and tells him to kill her instead since she feels that Kodo is her responsibility as the Yukimura clan head. However, Chikage says he can't do that with a smile. A smile that Chizuru guesses that he admires her resolve. Still, she tells him to not kill Kodo even though she understands why he must be killed. Kodo, drunk with power and greed, eventually meets his death in the end by Chikage's katana after letting out a roar and charging at Chikage.

Chizuru runs to her father's body but it suddenly disappears and all that's left is white ash. Something that happens to all furies when they die. Upset for his death and how much he was a father and eventually fallen to the power and greed, Chizuru cries. Before she crumples down on the floor, Chikage embraces her tight to keep her from falling.

Without any strength, Chizuru couldn't even lift her head to look up at him in surprise. She had no idea why or what he was thinking, but she was too tired to do anything but accept his embrace. She tells him how Kodo was so kind and how their life was so peaceful with not fighting and wars. Chizuru then wonders what changed him. Chikage tells her that humans used Kodo and corrupted his heart in a quiet, yet not gentle, voice. He adds with a sigh that even if the Imperial Army used the furies tp take over the country, it would make no difference and how they're no different from the Tokugawa: all they care about is money and power. Chizuru notices that he is somehow comforting her by saying that it wasn't Kodo who was at fault, but the human who had used him. Again, Chikage tells her that humans are foolish, pathetic creatures, but Chizuru says it's all right, that she understands what he really means. Even though Kodo was used by humans and followed the dark path, he had still chose to follow them. In the end, he was responsible for his actions.

Still, Chizuru can't stop the tears and Chikage grips her a little bit tighter. She tells him that she knows there are bad humans, but not all of them are bad that risks their lives for much better things than money and power. For example, the Shinsengumi.


Even though there was no sign of the Shinsengumi, Chizuru refuses to give up, which annoys Chikage. He claims that there is no other business for him to attend to and for the first time, he walks away. Chizuru follows him and finds him at the burnt remains of a village with a house that she has memories of. Chikage tells her that this was where the clan Yukimura lived. He pours sake on the burnt wood as if paying his respects to the Yukimura clan that were the demons of the east.


It's June when Chikage, Amagiri, and Chizuru arrive in Utsunomiya Castle. Chikage though is the bearer of bad news and asks Chizuru if she wishes to hear it. She requests for him to tell her. Kondou, the commander of Shinsengumi, has been beheaded. She's speechless and he looks away with a frown. He tells her it's up to her if she believes it or not. However, she says it's not because of that, since she knew that when the news of them surrendering wouldn't end well.

Chizuru asks Chikage if he knows where the rest of the Shinsengumi are and he tells her that after they fought at the current location, they moved to Aizu where they are currently in battle. Chikage gives her a look that knows the next words out of her mouth: She wants to go to Aizu.

Finally at Aizu, Chikage has found out that they have surrendered finally and admits that they lasted longer than he estimated. Chizuru doesn't bother to respond. She's worried if her friends in Shinsengumi were all right. The two of them stand in silence until Amagiri returns, news that he knows where the Shisengumi are thanks to his contacts. He tells them that one of the division offers has died while commanding a contingent of of soldiers in the Battle of Bonari Pass. This officer was one of Chizuru's friends and she feels the pain of another loss, but says nothing and bites her lip while looking down. Amagiri continues to tell her and Chikage that the ones remaining have headed for Sendai under the command of Toshizo Hijikata.

Chikage comments that they are continuing their hopeless struggle and Chizuru's swears she heard a bit of admiration in his voice. Now, she begins to think why they haven't given up since they surely couldn't win. Chikage comments once more about their behavior, saying that it seems like they are searching for a place to die and wonders if that's because what a samurai means to them. Chizuru responds to him with a yes since they were still fighting for what they believe in. Amagiri then reveals that once the Shisengumi arrive at Sendai, they will travel to Ezo, which is further north across the sea.

Chizuru turns to Chikage and says she's going to Ezo. The player must choose the option that requests Chikage to come with her. Well, when selected, it turns from "Please, come with me" to "I want you to come with me." Chikage smiles but Chizuru has no idea why. Chizuru tells him that she feels that Ezo will be the end of it and she wants him to come along for that reason. "I want us to see what becomes of the Shinsengumi." She knows that even Chikage and her friends have crossed swords, Chikage wants to se what would become of them. He smiles again and says "...You mean the end of the Shinsengumi? I guess it's fate. Yes, I'll go." Chizuru thanks him whole-heartedly with a smile, something that she hadn't done for a very long time.


More than six months have passed (half a year) since the three of them reached Sendai in search for a ship to Ezo. WIth each passing week though, Chikage's temper has grown worse but Chizuru has come to deal with it...

In this extra, it shows one of the days Chikage is out gathering information and trying to get a boat to travel with Amagiri while Chizuru stays in a place they found. She realizes while thinking about the war that it's time for Chikage to get back. She soon hears him walk through the door and straightens up right before he walks in saying "...I have returned." Immediately she responds with, "Welcome home. How was your day?" Of course, this pleases Chikage and comments with, "Mm, you're learning how to be welcoming and attentive. I approve." As usual, she responds in a flustered way and stops midway noticing the look on his face and asks if something happened while also stating the obvious of him looking upset. Like a cat, he just keeps scowling even though she calls to him in question but he keeps silent. She lets out an "argh" and leaves him be, saying of how much he's like a cat and needing to give him space.

Quickly, she tells him, "All right, well, thanks for all your hard work. I'll have dinner ready in a bit, so just relax for now." while looking up at him happily like...well, a wife... "Or," she adds, "Did you want want to take a bath first?" He responds with, "No, I'll be having some sake before dinner. Get it ready right away." She replies with, "Only one bottle, okay? It's not good to drink too much." Chikage loves his sake way too much and says, "Hmph, always the doctor's daughter. Haven't you heard sake can cure a variety of ills? That being, the morse I drink, the healthier I will be. Now, bring me three bottles, at the very least." She frowns while glaring at him and he does the same back.

With their eyes locked, she repriminds him with, "Don't be so spoiled! It's only helpful if you drink it in moderation!" Chikage remains silent, as does she, while the two of them glare at one another for several long seconds, the two of them too stubborn to yield. Then they both speak at the exactly same time: Chikage with "...Fine, we will compromise with two." and Chizuru with, "...All right, I'll make two." They stare at each other in silence before Chizuru laughs. She thinks to herself that she has grown accustomed to him. Although, when she looked up at his face, it seemed bitter. Chikage sighs and asks how she can laugh while they're still searching for a boat and information on the Shinsegumi is harder to find and tells her that she should be impatient. Chizuru admits that she is worried about them and anxious to hear about them - and how she wants to meet up with again.

Even though, the player must choose "I'm thankful" for her to say, "I'm just lucky I have you and Amagiri to help me. If I've been all by myself.. I don't think I ever could have made it this far. I...I was pretty scared of you at first. You are pretty intimidating. But, I'm glad I met you." Chizuru gives him a bow while muttering, "...Although I do think your personality could use a little work..." under her breath. Chikage let's out an amused "Heh" and replies, "You may have gone a bit too far there, but I commend your attitude. You should be more honest with yourself. If you're going to be so preciously demure, I'll listen as long as you like." Chizuru quickly says, "See?! That's exactly what I'm talking about!" Chikage is the only one who laughs after that.

Suddenly, he frowns and Chizuru asks him what's wrong but he tells her to wait till after they eat. The scene shifts and finally he tells her that he has finally found a ship to travel at the latest around August (two months from now), and she gets excited to finally get to see them again. She thanks him repeatedly, completely giddy. But then she looks up at him and he's silent with a stern face. She questions it and he reveals that she will not be able to see them. She freaks out, saying that he got a ship but he interrupts her again telling her that she will not be able to see them. Chizuru becomes fearful and doesn't believe him but he tells her that the army the Shinsengumi is part of has surrendered and that many of them were taken as prisoners of war. Just as he begins to tell her more about the Shinsengumi, she shuts her eyes and turns away wanting to hear no more. However, Chikage doesn't stop and reveals that there whereabouts are still unknown.

Even though there was still hope, she has gone into shock and finds it difficult to breathe. She starts to crumple down but an arm stops her by wrapping around her. Chikage orders her to get up sternly while adding, "Do you remember what you told me in Aizu? you said that you wished to see the fate of the Shinsengumi with me. Were those words lies?" For the record, Chikage hates liars. Immensely, that he doesn't tell lies himself. Chizuru tries to excuse her behavior, to only have Chikage tell her, "If those words were not lies, then see that fate with your own eyes. Bear witness to their deeds. And never forget them. Though you may have only been with them a short time, it falls to you to commit to remember the path they chose as samurai. You owe me that much." This is the first time that Chikage has voiced support, encouraging her to go through with it till the end. Chizuru admits that he is right and that it was too early to give up in despair.

Chizuru brings up the ship, saying that they still have it and Chikage says yes. She requests for him to go with her to Ezo and he responds with, "Very well. I will take you there. I made a promise after all. And a demon always keeps his word." Chizuru gives him a thank you and steeled herself in preparation of what was to come.


Finally, they are free to arrive on Ezo after the saftey of traveling has allowed civilians to travel thanks to the battle being over. Without his help, Chizuru realizes that without it, she wouldn't have been able to get across the sea. Amagiri tells them that he was worried for Sen's saftey and leaves to depart to Kyoto since the war was grounding to a close.

Chikage tells her that this area had three thousand men stationed and before the war was over, they were down to two thousand. He adds that the Imperial Army sent fifty thousand army and that the battle was over already before it even began. Since Kazama had arrived earlier to gain information, he wrote in a journal with a detailed description of the last days of the Shinsengumi. Ninety-two men had managed to survived and thirteen of those men were members of the Shinsengumi. The final stronghold, of where Chikage and Chizuru are at now, was the last scene of the battle where they finally surrendered. Chizuru asks him about Hijikata since there was no way someone like him would surrender. Chikage is silent for a moment before telling her that on June 20th, he was shot and killed while trying to rescue the Shinsengumi. Chizuru can't believe it. For those who have no idea about Hijikata, he's pretty much the most strongest man of the Shinsengumi that can hold himself against a point. He's called a "monster" in the series.

Chikage finally asks Chizuru if she's satisfied but Chizuru has no idea of the answer herself. That's when she sees it. The flag of Shinsengumi, her friends, one that is like another family to her, partially hidden in the grass. It's bloodied from battle and despite that, she walks to it, reaches down, and hugs it to her chest. She cries silently in sorrow, the tears faster than when Kodo died. She questions in her mind of what was the point and had they come here to just die? Chikage waits patiently as he had done before to finish crying.

When her tears stop, she wipes them away with the back of her hand. She questions Chikage what was the point of the war, why did it have to tear the country, Japan, apart and what would it accomplish. He responds simply with, "It has destroyed an old system to make room for a new one, but it was little more than a scramble for power, money, and reputation." She asks him that there had to be more than that since some, like the Shinsengumi, were looking for something else rather than what Chikage listed. Even though they knew they couldn't win, the Shisengumi still fought on. Chikage then admits, "That's true... The men who died here refused to abandon their drams, or renounce what they thought a samurai should be. They couldn't forget their obligations and move on with the rest of the world.. They were just idiots who let time pass them by." Chizuru tells him that they were samurai and thought to herself that it wasn't fair to call them idiots with, "They chose to let the rest of the world move past them because they couldn't compromise on what they believed in." Chikage responds with, "...Hmph. You could also say they were bullheaded fools. Throwing your life away is a poor testament to your beliefs."

Chizuru says nothing to him. Chikage then surprises her with, "Still. I don't hate them for it," with a soft voice that it made her look up and notices that his eyes met hers. She notes on how gentle they are and is speechless. Chizuru asks him what he's going to do now and he says that demons are used to living in secret and leaving humans to their own devices and that he will return to that life. He proclaims that demons will not involve themselves in human affairs ever again with war fed on by human greed since that is not something he wishes to associate. (He was only in the war to pay back the Satsuma clan that had provided cover for the Kazama clan years ago when the Shogun was made.) Chikage notes that humans are not so good-natured to leave demons alone and will pursue them for help once more. Chizuru agrees mentally since the demons did help the Imperial Army this time, but now the war was over, the immense power of demons were going to consider them as a threat to the new government.

Chikage tells her that before demons lose the Imperial Army's favor entirely, he intends to disappear with the rest of his clan. Then, he fixes Chizuru a curious gaze and asks what will she do. She tells him that she hasn't decided yet and wants to stay in Ezo a little longer. Chikage remains silent for a while before suddenly confessing, "I like you", to her. She just responds with a "Um...?" since she can hardly believe it! He admits with, "At first I was only interested in you as a female demon." When Chizuru gives him a questioning look, he adds on (the game not having him voiced, more like an explanation) that a simple female demon would have quickly lost his interest by being too boring, but, since he enjoyed toying with the Shisengumi, Chikage had met with her several times. Again, she's speechless, and he tells her "You were only an excuse to play with the Shinsengumi." Chizuru notes on how he seems to be strangled mystified by his own words and has now fallen silent. Still, she's...confused on why he likes her.

So he does the only thing he can do to get Chizuru to understand what he meant just as the same time she was going to ask him what he meant when his arms circles around her and drawed her body close to his. He kisses her and she gasps at the sudden touch of his lips on hers while her body tenses in surprise. But, a moment passes and Chizuru realizes that it feels...good. It was gentle too, which she hadn't even had cause to think before.

Then, he pulls away, and her mind is still jumbled, even when he says, "That's proof that we're no longer strangers." As always, she responds to him while flustered asking him what does he mean. He tells her, "When you are ready, come to me." She still doesn't get it since her mind is still crambled from the passionate kiss he gave her. But, Chikage just smiles at her while whispering, "Well, if you don't come to me, then I'll come and get you." She's utterly speechless.


In this last extra, Chizuru has gone back to Edo to become a doctor before finally opening a shop when she feels comfortable after training her skills. It's New Years and people are out to celebrate it and one woman calls over to Chizuru. She comments that Chizuru needs a man in her life since it's dangerous during their time to be without one and offers to introduce her to one of the doctor's sons. Chizuru refuses politely and the woman walks away with a frown. Chizuru thinks about having a nice man...but she's been so busy with her work. Though, the expection being... She remembers the time Chikage kissed her and she shakes her head to clear it. Chizuru asks herself what is she thinking and blushed before saying outloud that she doesn't hate him. He had helped her, she thinks, and gives excuses of why not to think of him because he's bullheaded, spoiled, and arrogant but she still doesn't hate him and notes that it has been a while since she'd last saw him. Chizuru remembers that he had said that when was ready, she should come find him and wonders if he had forgotten about that already (nope).

She starts to feel lonely and closes her eyes, picturing Chikage as if he's standing in front of her. Chizuru starts to get annoyed since he had made no contact with her after he kissed her and pretty much diappeared for the past six months. She had no idea where to find him either since the west was so large and pretty much says that he hadn't thought that through. She's in love all right...

Unbeknownst to her, he appears before her while her eyes are closed and even after she opens them, she still thinks she's imagining there in front of her. Only now, he has a different kimono on. Reaching up, she pushes his cheek up into a sort of snarl. Chikage says, "Please tell me this is not a new fasionable greeting in Edo." She's shocked to find out he's real and has so many questions to ask him that she doesn't know how to begin. He tells her, "I've come for you," and lets out a long sigh after. "I waited..." he adds and Chizuru just responds dumbly with "What?" and he continues, "I waited a very long time." Chizuru still has no idea what he's talking about and asks what he's talking about. Finally, he tells her bluntly, "Do you intend to make me wait even longer? Who do you think you are?"

The player has to choose "Right back at you!" option to have Chizuru reply angrily with, "What kind of question is that?! Y-You kissed me, out of nowhere! And then before I could say anything you just walked off! You didn't even tell me where you were going!" She watches his eyes thin in amusement. "Ah, so you did me..." he says with a cocky smirk, only to have Chizuru reply, in a fluster, with "I-I didn't say-!"

Before she can continue on, he stopped her by moving so quickly and before she knew what was happening, he reached out and drew her close to him. His face several inches of hers, she asks him what he's doing in panic. Or excitement, due to her blushing. "I think you know. A demon always keeps his promises. I've told you this many times. I have come to retrieve you, just as I said I would. That's all."

Chizuru tries to move, but her body refuses. Her face gets hotter as she remembers their last kiss. "This time you will be coming with me. The demons of the west are prepared to go into hiding. You are the only loose ending remaining. Come along." A charmer, isn't he? Of course, Chizuru, a fan of stalling, tells him that it's all so sudden (oh no Chizuru, he did warn you) but he quickly tells her, "It's nothing of the sort. I've been waiting for six months, and I'll wait no longer. No, not just six months - that discounts the significant length of time where i allowed you to remain in the Shinsengumi's custody." Chizuru is silent and finds him hopeless. Mmhm. Don't make me say the cliche line, Chizuru.

She tells him that she hasn't seen him in half a year but he hasn't changed at all, plus how he only thinks about himself and never listen to what people say and trails off after that. She realizes that after all this time, Chikage was the only person in her life that hadn't changed. Somehow this is comforting to her and wonders if Chikage has realized it. "Heh." is his first response which shows, that yes, he does realize. "Don't you think that makes us a perfect match? You may be stubborn, but I can force you to admit the things you're too shy to say out loud." Chikage pulls her closer and tells her that he's known about her true feelings for some time. Smoooooth. He pulls her closer once more, their bodies now pressing up against each other.

Finally he kisses her and she lets out a moaned surprise. He continues to kiss her gently, even having some soft moans, and she gives in as if her lips had been waiting six long months for it. After a bit, the voice shouting at her that people could see them and she pulls aways, asking him what's he doing. Chikage just responds bluntly that it's obvious. Chizuru asks what if the neighbors saw them and admits that she would be so embarrassed to leave the house. Chikage just grins while telling her it doesn't matter since she's about to leave with him to the West. She falls silent and Chikage tells her that he's tired from his travels and would like some rest, and adds in, "For the time being, I suppose you may let my presence grace your house." Again, how charming, no? He walks into the house and Chizuru allows him and replies with "I suppose I can make you some tea." Heheheh. Though, she tells him that her going to the West is pretty important and should be taken slow. Oh Chizuru...when will you learn. Chikage lets out a sigh and tells her there is no point in that since either way, he'll be taking her with him. Then he admits, "Still... I suppose there are worse ways to waste my time."

He takes her hand and Chizuru watches his back as the two slowly walk back inside. She remembers the time that she had seen the very back while he helped her travel from the battlefields of Kyoto all the way to Ezo. Although, no matter how much she had run, the Shinsengumi had remained out of her reach. She wonders to herself if Chikage would stay, walking tall and proud in front of her for years to come...or would he leave her behind too?Or, perhaps, she could trust her heart with him. As she squeezes Chikage's hand softly, Chizuru notices how the coldness of the day seemed to disappear.

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