Chikage Kazama

A mysterious warrior that is hired by Satsuma Domain when he first appears. However...he seems to have a special interest in Chizuru Yukimura.

Basic Information

Name: Chikage Kazama / 風間 千景
Name Meaning: Thousands of Views or Vistas.
Gender: Male
Race: Oni (Pureblood)
Rank: Head of the West Oni and Kazama family.
Age: ????
Height: 5'7"
Hair Color: Blond
Eye Color: Red
Voice Actor: Kenjirō Tsuda (Japanese) | Corey Hatzog (English)

Arrogant and cynical, he is the head of the Kazama family, and a pureblood oni, Chikage Kazama reigns over the west in Japan and is after Chizuru due to her being a rare pureblooded oni. When two pureblood onis mate, it will result into an incredible powerful oni child, but his real reason to do it is unknown. My guess is to protect his family, and the rest of the oni since he believes onis and humans should live apart from each other. Despite being the strongest oni with immense strength and speed in the West, his attempts to take her are thwarted by the Shinsengumi, who aren't afraid to tell him off, even making fun of how "creepy" he is being towards Chizuru.

Throughout the entire game, he is against the drink the Water of Life.that causes the humans to turn into a fury, which is like a vampiric state that requires them to drink blood to live or else the pain is too great. Chikage has mentioned that it's because of how the experiment has failed and finds it pathetic that humans try to be more powerful by drinking the Water of Life.

Despite his harsh nature, he's actually an oni that has a high sense of honor, which is why he sides with Satsuma (one of the domains that went against the shogun in the game) because they helped protect his clan during the oni extermination ordered by the shogun. In Hijikata's route, Chikage becomes to respect Hijikata's skill and drive as a warrior and gives him the name, Hakuouki, which means Demon of the Fleeting Blossom, because they are surrounding by sakura trees.

As with all cold, arrogant characters, there's a soft side to him, which is greatly seen in extras in the game Hakuōki: Stories of the Shinsengumi, after he kills her father (who has gone mad) by embracing her to comfort her and where he's helping Chizuru to meet up back with the Shinsengumi. Although, he's not too soft with her to baby her. Instead, he helps Chizuru get over certain blocks in her path of reality by being blunt with her, yet he has been seen to get so frustrated to walk away to remain calm.

To top it all off, Chikage has a sense of humor, which can be pretty dry in itself at times, which usually comes out when around Sen and Chizuru. He really likes to tease Chizuru, often finding her reactions amusing, and espeially loves to pull her leg when she thinks she's fooling him that she's a geisha in one of the extra scenes in Hakuōki: Stories of the Shinsengumi. In a twisted way, Chikage has admitted that he attempts to take Chizuru away only in the company of Shinsegumi so that he could shame them, mostly to rile them up, since he finds their way of fighting ridiculous. This has lead Sen to call him a "classic villain", which earned a menacing glare from Chikage.


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