Why "Never Boring With You"?

Because Chikage has stated, in an extra letter as part of Hakuouki: Stories of the Shinsengumi when you complete his main route, that he never finds Chizuru boring. She's not like other female demons, who are born to be raised as (literal) breeding machines. If she had been one of those, he would have been bored long ago. He's stated many times too that he finds her reactions to his teasing jokes to be amusement and tells her to not flare up so much over them.

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So why this pairing?

To be honest, I was a bit creeped out by Chikage in Saitou's route (the first route I played) and that made him to be really...crazy in the end. When I kept playing more routes, I realized he really wasn't as bad as he was in Saitou's. So, after getting the required routes to play and get his, I was amused so much. Him and Chizuru have such a comedy duo style, and as a fan of comedy, it was like paradise. Her flustered responses and his spoiled, arrogant personality was such a lovely clash, way different than the norm than you see in these games. Of course, it's not the only pairing that I like in this game. In fact, I love them all. I wanted more of these two and as luck would have it, after I finished Chikage's route, it was the day that Hakuouki: Stories of the Shinsengumi for the PS3 was released and I lept upon it immediately. It had extras and I needed to find out more after seeing said extras over the internet.

It took a while to unlock all the extras but it was all worth it. I gained so much more insight of their relationship, as well as the others. I really love this type of stuff as both a writer and as a fan. Headcanons were already forming in my head and I wanted to write fanfic about them. It was the most I cranked out after moments of eating up all of that information.

I thought about wanting to make a site but I've never done one for a relationship. The time it would take would just pretty much kill me since I'm a huge perfectionist. As if on cue, over at Amassment, a shrine community, the event of Blast From the Past came up. It was all the loved and adored shrine marathons that have ran before. But now, it was all at once. OTP Marathon was included, as what Girl Mode, and Villain, and I saw my chance. I was filled with insanity and signed up. It took me a while to figure out what the site should look like and it was a huge surprise to me that it became I'm not a huge fan with pink and my shrines are usually dark and dramatic, due to their subjects. This was crazy, WHY was I making it pink? Cherry blossoms, that's why. Love, that's why. Cliche? You bet, but I'm so proud of the outcome that I don't even care if it's pink.