Chizuru Yukimura

The female protangonist in the Hakuouki franchise who you, the player, control and can even change her first name.

Basic Information

Name: Chizuru Yukimura / 雪村 千鶴
Name Meaning: Thousand Cranes (considered lucky and grants long life)
Gender: Female
Race: Oni (Pureblood)
Rank: "Prisoner" of Shinsengumi / Head of the Oni in the East of the Yukimura family.
Age: 16
Height: 5'1"
Hair Color: Black (game) / Medium brown (anime)
Eye Color: Brown
Voice Actor: Houko Kuwashima (Japanese) | Brittney Karbowski (English)

After coming to Kyoto in search of her absent father, Chizuru stumbled onto one of the Shinsengumi’s secrets. Mistaken as a boy, due to her being dressed as one, they take her in and decide whether to kill her or not. No matter if the player chooses Chizuru to tell them she is a girl, or try to escape, either way they find out she is one and become against killing her. Still, she knows their secret and they keep her with them. Since she's the only girl in a complex filled with only men, she is told to be in her room as much as possible but slowly gets close to the Shinsengumi captains and soon help them with medical, cooking, sending messages, and an attendant.

Once Chizuru’s search for her father continues, she begins to uncover secrets about her father, the Shinsengumi...and Chizuru herself. Throughout her entire life, she thought she was just your average human girl until Chikage Kazama and his fellow allies Kyuujyu Amagiri and Shiranui Kyo tell her that she is, in fact, a pureblood oni woman which are extremely rare. This leaves her to be confused after living as a human for sixteen years. She worries and realizes that the Shinsengumi are getting hurt because of her because Chikage Kazama keeps appearing every now and then, which in turn causes injured or dead members. She's a very compassionate, gentle, caring, and soft-spoken girl, always showing it before the others when she joins them on the battiefield since she cares for the Shinsengumi after being with them so long. She's also pretty humble, often wanting to help the Shinsengumi with anything and doesn't like to just sit and do nothing. However, she is pretty shy and doesn't get angry very easily. Despite being hesitant to fight, and being trained to use her kodachi, she can be quite fearless with the ones she cares about are in trouble.

When she's around Chikage, however, she's always on guard and gets irritated easily so much that she put a broom that she was using to clean outside in a defense position when Chikage appeared. Even when she's laughed at, she's still determined to get him to leave even though oni males are much stronger. It's this side of her, as well as how different she is entirely from other oni women, that Chikage is intrigued by and eventually falls in love with her in his route. She pretty much learns to deal with him, referring to him as a cat and to approach him later when he's in a bad mood.


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